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Yelp Customer Review

Jeffrey C. 4/26/2020

I dropped my iPhone in water, again, causing it to shut off completely. Wasn't sure what to do since NYC was on lockdown and all businesses closed. Mobicompu to the rescue! They actually picked up my iPhone, fixed it and delivered it back in a few hours. What a way to turn lemons into lemonade! They are the ultimate in professionalism, courtesy, technical wizardry and extremely fair prices. Mobicompu is my number one go-to spot for any and all electronic repairs...

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Google Customer Review

Melody Aberg*****Apr 11, 2020

Very nice individuals. They are efficient with their repairs and get the job done right. They are very trust worthy individuals, they picked up my phone from my home to repair it and delivered it right back to me when they were done. I had never heard of a place that does this, but it was really convenient. I highly recommend doing repairs with them.

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Google Customer Review

Luke Walenta ***** Feb 28, 2021

"Brought in a pair of headphones that
had stopped working. Staff was super friendly and quick to identify and fix the
issue. Definitely recommend this spot for any gadget"

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iPhone Repair
Samsung Galaxy Repair
iPad Repair and more
Starts at $50

Screen replacement, battery replacement, water damage, and more

Apple iPhone, iPad, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, LG, tablet devices, and more brands!

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Mac Repair
Computer Repair
Beats Headphone Repair
Starts at $60

Virus removal, screen replacement, motherboard, data recovery, and more

We repair Windows Laptop, Macbook, Chromebook, Desktop PC and Beats headphones

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Need an iPhone Repair in Brooklyn? We can fix it!

At MobiCompu Repair we start with a free diagnosis to determine the issue with your electronic device. Once our technician identifies what is wrong and suggest the best solution, the repairs process usually takes 30-45 min until is ready.

Iphone repair Brooklyn Mobicompu Repair

iPhone Screen Repair

If you cracked the screen of your iPhone, you need to get a glass replacement. Your device may also have a damaged LCD display. These are the most common issues that occur with iPhones. Don’t worry, your device will be fixed in less than 30 min.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Battery drains too quickly? Another common issue with the iPhone battery lifecycle. There is a new feature introduced since iOS 11. Go to Settings> Battery > Battery Health. It will show you how far your battery has degraded over time and will indicate you if you need to change it.

Charging Port Repair

iPhone not charging? The lighting port may be blocked. Bring your iPhone and we will examine it and repair any issues.

Repair iPhone

Computer Repair Brooklyn

Searching for "computer repair near me"? You are in the right place. MobiCompu Repair has years of experience of Mac and PC repairs.

Computer repair Brooklyn Mobicompu Repair

Computer Screen Repair

Cracked the computer screen? You will need a screen or dim display repair. We fix all PC brands and Apple Mac models.

Hardware Drive Replacement

If you need a computer repair specialist, we will pick up your laptop from your location in Brooklyn or you can drop it to our store in Park Slope. Free pick up and delivery are available. If the motherboard is having failures, we can restart your operating system and other programs. Don't worry, we will recover your files.

Virus Removal

Annoying pop-ups? Your computer is running slow? Your PC, MacBook, iMac, Chromebook, Lenovo might be infected by Viruses, Spyware and Malware.

Repair Computer

Apple Watch Repair best prices in brooklyn

Stop searching for "apple watch scratch repair shops", no need to keep looking. MobiCompu Repair repairs specialize in Apple products.

Apple Watch screen repair Brooklyn Mobicompu Repair

Apple Watch ALL Series Screen Replacement

Cracked the screen of your iWatch? You will need to get an LCD replacement. No matter what the issue, we offer both repairs with guaranteed.

iWatch ALL Series Battery Replacement

If you are experiencing charging issues with your watch, then it's time for a battery replacement. We use top quality batteries that will help you get more longevity out of your iWatch's battery life.

Apple Watch Water Damage

iWatch dropped in water won't turn on? Water damaged your Apple watch screen? Apple Watch Series 3 is water-resistant to 50m, but Apple recommends that you stick to shallow-water swimming and avoid "high-velocity water".

If the motherboard is having failures, we can restart your operating system and other programs. Don't worry, we will recover your files.

Repair Apple Watch

Headphones Repair Brooklyn

If you are searching for "headphone repair near me" or "beats repair shop near me" and need a place in brooklyn, from now on, fix your Beats headphones with MobiCompu Repair. We provide Sony headphones repair, Bose headphones repair, and Skullcandy headphones repair.

headphones repair Brooklyn Mobicompu Repair

Speaker Replacement

A blown speaker usually sounds distorted, and the audio will be noticeably off. To find out if you need a replacement, play a song with some bass, as this will provoke the “blown” sound.

Hinges Replacement

Can give a new life to your the sound of your headphones, save your money on buying new headphones.

Headband Replacement

We can provide original or generic replacement headband for Beats, Sony or other brands wireless Headphones.

Earpads Replacement

We carry a wide variety of headphone ear pads and headset ear cushions. Our ear cushions will fit headphones from manufacturers such as Bose, Beats, Sony and headsets from almost any manufacturer.

Repair Headphones

Beats headphone repair

Bose Headphone repair

Bose Headphones Repair Services in Brooklyn MobiCompu Repair

Bose QuietComfort 15 Repair

Bring your Bose Noise-canceling headphones 700, Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset, or any other model. Fix your Bose headphones now!

Playstation Repair Brooklyn

If you are searching for "playstation repair near me" or "video game console repair" and need a place in brooklyn, fix your Playstation with MobiCompu Repair. We provide Playstation 4, Playstation 4 Pro, and Playstation 3 repair.

playstation repair Brooklyn Mobicompu Repair

Playstation Fan Replacement

A common issue that can occur with PS4 is overheating. You can do an internal cleaning but if it still constantly overheat, this is a signal that you have a defective fan and you need to replace it.

Playstation Hard drive Replacement

If you have a hard drive failure or need more space for your growing library of games, MobiCompu Repair can replace or upgrade your Sony Playstation hard drive. This process takes about 15-20 min.

Repair Playstation


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